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All procured equipment and medical goods arriving from the manufacturers at Alshajura’s warehouses are checked for completeness, conformity to specification, operation and quality.

This is preceded by careful planning to ensure that all items arrive in time for shipment to the site. Repackaging and labelling is carried out where required so that related items are forwarded together. This enables efficient room-by‑room installation.


Site delivery

Reliable transportation methods, even over difficult routes, are arranged by Alshajura HealthTech to ensure the safe, undamaged delivery of equipment to the very spot where it is to be installed. The logistics of just-in-time arrival are applied so that completion of the project moves ahead according to schedule.


Moving medical equipment

Medical equipment is dismantled and reinstalled according to protocols determined in advance. Exceptional types of transport often have to be found to ensure that expensive installations can be transported safely and completely to the new location. It is essential that you can be sure all your equipment will be correctly reconnected in accordance with the applicable norms and regulations. We have many years of expertise in positioning and installing medical equipment. We can confidently and safely say that it is a unique skill.